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I tried out your double-super-secret-probation creek today. I didn't take my canoe. We had more heavy rain and the river was on another rise. I did drive around and found a wading spot. Nice creek. Got a couple bluegills once I ironed the kinks out of my cast. I had a few bites and lost a couple fish to bad knots. Apparantly, I had to iron kinks out of more than my cast. I wound up using an improved clinch knot with a surgeons knot as a safety. THAT held. I need to get some glue. Anyway, I'll be back.

Edit to add: I met a couple in the parking lot who had just finished a float and got some timing details. I'm thinking of giving it a go as a kayak float winding up at the place you suggested I start from. Likely will take my smallest kayak first, as it's best suited to small water, but if there's no quick and tight turns, I'll head back with one of my big kayaks and a fly rod.

- Big D

hey Big_D …

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...... I didn't realize it was all that secret a place , but I'm glad you have checked it out some now ... maybe you can keep me up to date on it as the seasons pass , I'd like to get to know it better myself .

There are only so many places one can cover (or at least myself and my time frame) in any given season , allowing them to know the 'when, where, what, and hows of it's fishing potential" ... the big four !!

I've only gone in from the mouth up to the first rapids , and that short stretch really is quite a beauty with good depth when the water is up above avg. .

That short first stretch is the perfect Smallie hang out (for high numbers) during the spring run . Also it has some big ol Red Squirrils and Pilated peckers resident along it's shoreline .

The rock structure and various cover in there is exquisite , screems Smallie hold !!

Seems your area of the Potomac (or maybe most of the Potomac) , is experiencing a delayed season for the Smallmouth runs , due to the high water that has been the norm this spring . DNR states that high numbers of Smallmouth taken in the upper Potomac recently are still laiden ... very unusual . The post spawn Largemouth bite has hit the fan , they are going bazonkers at this very moment according to reports everywhere in our region ... and you know there are lots of Largemouth in your stretch of the Potomac ... sometimes it seems as though there are as many Largemouth there as Smallmouth !!

It isn’t that secret
I just didn’t want to create a “Googleable” resource for launches on such a small piece of water. Anyone with a Gazetteer and half a mind can find it, but I don’t need to hand it off on a silver platter. I don’t mind discussing big water resources on the internet, as the ones we discuss are in books, newspaper articles, magazine articles, on TV, etc. But the small resources require a bit more sensitivity. That’s all.

I’ll let you know via e-mail how it’s going over the season. I’ll be particularly interested to see how the holes hold up in the dry summer months. I’m going to pull out my Gazetteer and see if I can find another launch site further upstream.

  • Big D

that’d be great Big_D …
… hoping it turns out to be a nice place for ya upstream … I’ll probably never see it up there myself , but a pic. or two would be appreciated if ya snap some one day . And I agree about the sensitive thing , it is just that kind of place isn’t it ??