Hey Rex

Just finished watching the first stage of the Tour.
Reminded me of the good old days being in the Peloton on Mt. Mitchell or Bridge to Bridge

Hey Jack! I was recently describing the Mt Mitchell start to someone who doesn’t bike. They asked me if it was scary. Yeah! Kinda scary! Dodging dropped frame pumps and dropped water bottles and regular old crashes. I recently had all my tee shirts and patches made into a quilt. Maybe when I’m dead a grandson will think about his old grampa!

What does this have to do with kayaking? some might ask. Jack and I are both bikers-turned-kayakers. It was a bike crash and subsequent broken hip that got me in the kayak. It was your bad knee, is that right, Jack?

Old runners never die!
They turn into tri-athletes!
Old tri-athletes never die, they turn into canoers, kayakers and paddleboarders

Life is good !

My wife has started collecting my old tees for a quilt.

Hey String,
Please post a pic of the quilt when it’s done. I bet it’ll look great.

If it’s done while I’m still around.

When we moved from FL to SC in 84 backpacking in the Mountains took precedence over paddling. A knee injury eventually brought a decline to hiking, but increased my paddling time greatly.

A back problem put on the water. Until then, hiking and walking werey things.

I love that quilt!!!

Hey Gingernc, A local woman advertised that she’d make a tee shirt quilt and her price seemed very reasonable so I took her up on it. One condition: I did NOT want just a series of squares. I wanted some different shapes and I wanted her to incorporate some of the wheel designs that were on the backs of some shirts. I had seen some quilts that were all squares and they looked pretty dull and unimaginative.

Hey Rex,
When we meet up for you to get that greenland paddle remind me to show you the polar fleece jacket that Nanci put all the century and metric centries patches on for me.
The only problem is we now spend our winters in the Florida Keys, so I never get to wear it