Hey there! MidState NY signing in

Spring is upon us…but I feel like we didnt really have a winter here in the Hudson Valley. I’m really looking forward to gaining some paddling hours this year. I currently have a Wilderness System Tarpon 140. Ive paddled for only a few years but last year finally purchased this kayak used at a good price. After using it for the entire year last year…i fell in love!!! The beauty and peacefulness i’ve experienced on my new kayaking journey has been epic. New friends made and new locations discovered.

I’m going to list my 14ft’r for sale and buy the same kayak but in the 12 ft version. The 2 feet will make a big difference for me while loading and unloading solo! (and i’m a girl…LADY…so it is a challenge for me). I do think my leverage will be better. I"m also going to get a Hulavator…no reason for me to blow out my back and spoil the season,right??

So just wanted to do an intro…and if theres anyone near…speak up. I’m learning about lots of smaller and local areas in the hudson valley…and I go up to camp in the Adirondacks spring-fall…so hope to meet ya on the water soon. Peace!

Welcome to the community and “hello” from the Great Lakes.

Where do you paddle in the Hudson Valley?

BTW, you’re going to love the Hullavator.

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Welcome aboard!

As Rookie asked, where in the Hudson Valley? Hyde Park here.

I can help out on the Hullavator install. I carry them at my place and install in exchange for a lunch.

If you like that 14’ format there are lighter 14’ sit on top options as that 12’ version is still going to be 63 pounds.

See you on the water,
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Same question as Marshall. Below Albany or in the Capital District?

Glad you are enjoying the sport!

Im in kerhonkson…near kingston. In the hudson valley ive paddled the hudson river, chodikee lake and the esopus creek. Still discovering my area. I paddle alot in the adirondacks at my sisters camp in speculator NY.


Welcome. I’m nearby(Greene County). Got a paddling partner in Ellenville. We’re always looking for shuttle mates. Know your area well, as I first paddled the Walkill as a kid spending summers in Accord. Planning ww trips on the Neversink and Rondout, but also paddle quiet waters with a mlxed crew of people. Do the Esopus on a regular basis, and much of Hudson Valley all year-round. You will be better served with the lighter Tarpon (IMO). With every passing year, each pound weighs two. Message me with any queries.