Hey wing paddlers

When you are paddling hard and fast do you shovel water all over your back?

When I am through doing a hard work out my back and hat are dripping wet.

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

thanks in advance,


Not water drips off. More like shoveling out to the side with very little splash at entry or exit. Narrow boats do not move or splash much water and neither does the paddle. Some water drips from the top balde that falls on me as I go forward. I was told to put vaseline on the blade to be more water cooled on a hot day because more water drips off. www.kayaksport.net has excellent movies

Only when,
there is a fairly stiff wind from the back, other than that you should be spraying the guy wash riding you on your side wake.


Not too wet.
I am usually always wet when done paddling but it seems to be just from the upper blade dripping on me. Not much of a problem as it usually feels good in warmer weather and I have too much clothing on in colder weather to bother me much.

Hi Jack, Are you paddling with the same
cadence as a regular paddle ? If your cadence is a little slower or you are waiting that split second for glide / catch ( spear) set up maybe the water has a chance to get a little more flung. I tend to get a little more wet on one side sometimes.

I find it’s dependent on the wind direction & I often stay very dry. Head=dry, tail/side=wet.

Yes it seems like
it is more from my left side.

And Nanci noticed a couple of weeks ago it seemed like I have a slight hesitation.

How do I correct it?

I have always felt with the wing that I am more powering it then finesse paddling it.

Also this is on a calm day with zero wind, so I know I am throwing it there.



So then it is me, not the wind.
there was only about a 5MPH wind yesterday.


if you are keeping your blades pretty vertical at the catch, it is difficult to avoid having water fall on your head. i just always wear a hat, and ignore it otherwise.


I find that i get LESS water drips with the wing then i do with the euro. i have also been concentrating on NOT over rotating. ( I used to do that a lot) Another thing I have noticed is that if I give the wing a slight twist as it exiting the water after a stroke, It kind of Flicks itself out of the water, and it seems to use less energy too. I have also noticed that My wing is adjusted several CM shorter then my Euro.

had same problem
I have had similair problem.

If your top hand is dropping (not staying parallel to water) then your blade will not be vertical and will scoop up water.

Also keep top hand open and use bottom hand to control blade.

I had this explained to me after someone showed me a picture of me scooping lots of water behind me at a race, and I did not understand explanation at all. Hopefully you will understand this explanation. If not just remember:

Top hand must not drop but stay parallel to water and open (control blade with bottom hand). Have your wife watch your top hand as it is hard to “see” what your doing.


Thanks, I’ll work on that.
that might just be what it is, since I notice that I never have to adjust my left hand, but I have to constantly reposition my right hand, and I am guessing that I am scooping the water from the left side.

Thanks again,


I don’t mind the soaken hat,
but on these cold days I have a hood, and as soon as I am warmed up the hood gets pushed back, and then when I am done for the day, I have a waterfall coming out of it.

I am glad to see that it is not only me though.



Right on the shorter.
I use a 220 euro and a 213 wing



Stroke length
Does your stroke lngth change when you are paddling fast? It might be worth getting someone to video you paddling at different speeds and noting where the the blade is exiting the water at the end of the stroke.

Holding on to Stroke too Long
If you delay your exit-continuing past the hips at the end of the stroke-you’ll be scooping a fair amount of water. At the point where the blade wants to pop out of the water of its own accord, try giving it a little assist with a high elbow (Reitz’s ‘chicken wing’), or just a conscious flick as you might do a lateral raise with dumbells at the gym. Concentrate on squaring your blade so it exits cleanly. You’re better off exiting earlier, continuing your rotation whilst the blade is out of the water, then planting it at the catch as quickly and with as much extension close to the boat as you can. (Easier said than done, I know-struggle with this all the time.) I find if I hold on to the exit point too long, I take a nice little shower from the blade as I bring it forward again.