HHR Rack Fit

I know that it has been discussed here a few times about a rack to fit the HHR. Thule and Yakima both show no fit. (this is for a car with no roof rails, just the bare roof).

Has anyone tried to fit any Yakima or Thule racks onto a HHR? I put a universal rack on mine, I can’t see what the problem is with fitting a rack on a HHR roof.

HHR Rack
My canoeing partner Gearwoman has an HHR and we fitted it with a Yakima system. We mounted yakima track sections to the roof at the 4 corners. Onto the track sections are mounted Landing Pads. Onto the Landing Pads go Control Towers and the 66" bars.

With the Landing Pads slid to the outer ends of the tracks, she has a long bar spread and can carry even our 23’ Minnesota IV. To carry her shorter kayak the landing pads can be loosened and slid closer together on the tracks, yielding a shorter bar spread.

The tracks were mounted with the expanding Pluz Nuts. She could not watch when i drilled the holes into her new car. But now she knows that HHR stands for; Has Holes in Roof.