Hi everybody

Hello everyone.
I’m new to this forum and was wondering how many Greenland paddle fans we have here? I started using them earlier this season and I’m hooked.

Lots of us…

Indeed, many of us.

If you are interested in getting further into the paddle & its history take a look here: https://qajaqusa.org/content.aspx?sl=1583684110

In my truck at this moment I have a Greenland paddle, a euro paddle and a mid wing! lol New boat going out tonight. Greenland is my favorite though.

I’ll be using mine tomorrow on a cool, sunny and breezy South Carolina morning.

And here’s a podcast featuring my paddle maker Ben Fontenot and Luke Rovner, the “Kayak Hipster”.

(I have no commercial interest other than my wife and I owning one of Ben’s paddles each).

A few of my creations.



Yeah, I started off with euros and then someone introduced me to the GP. My roll improved right away. I don’t see me ever going back.

Welcome, and beautiful paddles. I’m a beginner but I love my Greenland paddle. I’m hoping to be able to have some instruction next year.

Yes, many GP fans here including some skilled crafters of wood, fiberglass and carbon GPs. I have 3 myself and have used them almost exclusively for 12 years. There are organizations like qajaqusa.org who share Greenland style kayaking lore and skills and even sponsor seminars and annual training camps.

I like your dark paddle - is that stained or flamed?

It’s has an ebony stain. It and the really light one were my “practice” paddles. Made from a couple of cheap spruce 2X4s. It’s real heavy so won’t be getting used for much. Those two are functional but not really practical for the purpose.t

You could trim one down to 72” to make a storm paddle. I have a fairly heavy one that came with a used kayak I bought years ago that somebody obviously carved from a 2 x 4. I often carry it as a deck spare since it easily tucks along one side of the bow rigging. It would get me home in an emergency and is handy for “beater” use to preserve my treasured laminated red cedar GP and the carbon two-piece from getting damaged when I need to pry off rocks at a launch. Even used it to deter a swimming Labrador retriever from trying to clamber onto my boat.

Beat ya to it, made a storm paddle a couple of weeks ago.:+1: