Hiawassee shuttles?

Taking a trip on the ocoee soon. wanting to do the hiawassee as a side trip. what outfitters would be worth looking at? and what kind prices do they have? i am planing on using a pegusus sot on this run.

The gas station

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The outfitters run a little high.

When you get to Reliance, at the bridge, there is a gas station right there that rents tubes and duckies and whatnot and their shuttle is the cheapest.

The bridge doesn't release until 11am, so no need to get their too early, and it's only releasing on weekends mostly with the drought.

I'll be there on Friday!

The gas station only rents inflatables, but Hiwassee Outfitters (google it) also rents Torrents if you are taking others.

The Hiwasee's a much easier river than the lower Ocoee. The first rapid is a big bend, look for right of center, most everything else of interest will be on the left, especially the class III at the end of the run. (Most everything is class I and II) The Hiwassee is a beautiful river, and a good one to learn on.

I don’t recall feeling ripped off by the
rate charged for shuttle by Hiwassee Outfitters, whatever it was.

Are you talking about doing a raft trip on the Ocoee?

If not a raft trip; what boat do you plan to use to paddle the Ocoee?


Rafting the ocoee
I am rafting the ocoee on sunday. plan on taking my peguses on the hiawassee on monday. i figure if i am doing the duck trip next week, might as well hit the ocoee too. its only a extra 400+ miles that way instead of 600 + if i do it from paducah on a separate week.

Call the outfitters

Due to the drought, the dam is only releasing water on certain days of the week, usually only weekends, so call before you go.

When the dam is not releasing the river is unrunabble, is a big boulder field with pockets of water here and there.

Got a kick out of your first post
the bridge was releasing the water.

I love type O’s

Otherwise your info is 100%