High Desert Floodwaters

We’ve been camped back a bit from a “usually” dry lake bed. Far enough that the ground isn’t mud as soon as it gets damp. After Hillary went through as a tropical storm and the run off put an actual lake out there I thought I’d try getting out to it. Of course w/ no shoreline and maybe a 1/4 mile of mud before the water I didn’t have much hope, but I’m always open to exploring.
I ended up finding a flooded dirt road that went in that direction and wheeled the yak to it (really need to work on a method of attaching it to my bike).
Put in was easy as I was still far enough away that the ground had a good amount of sand.

On the way out not only was I looking into the sun (so no pics) but the water was muddy enough that I had to keep feeling my way w/ the bow like a blind person. Finding the deepest tire ruts helped some. Once I made it to an intersection I had a few options to try out seeing if any of them were deep enough to get me to the lake itself and unfortunately none were.
Once I’d spent a good 20 minutes feeling my way forward . . . backing up . . . trying again . . . backing up . . . doing three point turns . . . trying different possible routes . . . filling up my skeg box w/ mud . . . I gave up and headed back.

I think these guys were laughing at me.

It was definitely playtime in a mud puddle!


Accolades to your dedication!

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Props for effort!


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Where exactly is this?

SoCal, J-Tree area.

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Coyote Lake? Mesquite Lake by the Base? Dale Lake? Somewhere else? Or maybe you need to keep it under wraps for some reason.

I was wondering if I should try to head out and find a usually-dry lake to paddle. But it doesn’t seem the lower elevations around Las Vegas got very much rain. I sure didn’t see much in town, though the Spring Mountains got hammered with something like 8 inches.

Don’t know actually, it’s just a little dry lake bed on blm land outside of Sunfair.


Around 1992 there was a big water year in Death Valley. At Badwater, below sea level there was a large playa large many miles across. I dragged a small inflatable boat out there and rowed around for a couple of hours. Ignore what other people think.

I’ve been ignoring what other people think most of my life, but when those little birds thought that my puddle paddling was laughable . . . that had more impact.:wink::smile:

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