High or Low Angle Double Paddle f/Canoe

I’m considering either a Werner Skagit (low angle) or Werner Tybee (high angle) paddle for use in a canoe. As I’ll be higher above the water, should I be looking for a high angle paddle?

I use a low angle blade
the skinnier the blade the better. High angle blades seem to throw lots of water at your feet. Unless you are wearing a spray cover thats probably not what you want.

What you are looking for is a longer shaft to compensate for that elevation.

That depends on the boat and the paddler
I have a long torso, long arms, and a Rapidfire. I use the same 230 cm I use in my Tarpon and usually use a very high angle stroke.

Most people don’t have a kayak masquerading as a canoe and monkey arms.

And I have short arms a 230 paddle
and the same boat.


ATXception SL Tour. That crank made me widen my grip so a high angle is fine for quick acceleration but CEW pointed out to me its a low angle paddle.

Go figure.

You’ll need a longer paddle, or you’ll get dripped on a lot.

I use an Epic Relaxed Tour or AT

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Xception SL when I feel the short term urge to use a double blade in a canoe. The AT at 230cm. The Epic at 225. I apparently use a high enough angle stroke to dump a lot of water in the boat, so I use a single blade most of the time. Neither of those paddles is considered to be "high" angle. I've tended to prefer the mechanics of the shorter paddles better than that of the longer paddles. Sometimes I use the Epic set to 215 cm in a 28" wide canoe and do fine with that as well.

I don't do any long distances in any boat with any paddle.

High angle is better for running
a sprint, and low angle is better for running a marathon.

Focus on Paddle Length
In a canoe not only will you sit higher, but it is quite likely you’ll have a wider beam if you’re switching from a kayak. You need a longer paddle to compensate for that.

As previously noted, a blade on the short end of things will give you a high angle stroke and result in water streaming into the canoe.

I paddle my canoe with both double and single blades. My canoe has a realtively narrow beam (29 inches I think) for a canoe and, for my double blade, I prefer the relaxed low angle stroke that minimizes water coming into the canoe.

My double blade is adjustable from 245 to 260 and I find 255cm to be my preferred length. I’m using an Aquabound Swell with their adjustable ferrule and the Swell has a mid-width blade. A friend of mine who has a wide beam (36 inches) canoe finds 260cm works well for him.

Hope this helps.