High speed hand pump

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Dumped the yak at the put in and had to pump it out. My standard hand pump took a long time. Is there a high speed hand pump out there? I believe mine is a harmony hand pump. FishHawk

wildy had a hi-volume…
do not know if they still do…

If you were at the put-in, the presumably you were close to shore. It is much faster and easier to dump rather than pump.

If you are pumping, you need to pump the same amount of water if you have a “fast” pump or a “slow” pump. A pump that moves more water with each stroke is much harder to stroke.

You are not quite right if I may…
there are various pumps.

The best hand pump is the one with about a

1-1/2" discharge and discharges on both the push and pull.

The ones with the small discharge will take a lot longer and the ones that only discharge on the pull will also take longer.

I am surprisd that the original posters is a Harmony, unless Harmony makes several different models and they have one with the small discharge.

When I practice self rescues, I can empty my cockpit in less than a minute.

If the boat was a rec boat with no air tight compartments, then the whole boat would be filled with water and it is better to have a big bailing bucket or a gallong jug with the cover on and the bottom cut off to scoop the water out.



Electric bilge
You might try a water-buster, $30 ni-hydride battery water pump. Remove the stell base plate. It is light, compact, self priming and surprisingly fast. One charge will do quite allot.

places like west marine etc…
have one that runs on d-cells too…nice and light…you can mount it between the foot pegs (if applicable) or bury it into a foam buklhead in the cockpit…

works great…

big tip: do not permanently attach it-it is really nice to be able to drop it into someone else’s boat if they need it!

I have had 2 Waterbusters that have…
failed and no longer rely on them.