High Tide, Low Tide, Oysters, Dolphins, Marsh and Sound

Spent a few days at a house on the marsh behind Hunting Island, SC State Park. between the rains I managed to paddle one hazy day. I found a put-in just before you cross the bridge over to hunting Island the day we visited the state park. It connects to a marsh creek that puts you in fairly close to the bridge. I wanted to paddle under the bridge and out into St. Helena Sound, to get a look at Otter Island and Edisto Island where I have paddled in the past. I saw a couple of dolphins as I paddled toward the bridge. Hearing them blow alerted me to them. They were singles and heading out into the sound. A third came up about 10 feet behind me just as I was focused on going under the bridge and blew. Yes, I jumped! I took this photo as he pasted me.

After entering the sound, I notice they were headed toward a commotion of perhaps 8 dolphins I believed were feeding. However, getting closer it seemed like they were chasing each other. I followed alongside about 100 feet away for about 20 minutes. Paddling to keep up I missed some good photos like one where 4 tails were vertical out of the water. They were actively interacting.
Here is a photo I did manage to take of the action.

The bow of the kayak is pointed at the Ocean the land to the left is Otter Island. Edisto island is the distant shadow appearing connected to the right side of Otter.

Paddling back to the marsh.

There was only a slight breeze, and the no-see-ums were bad even out on the water if you weren’t paddling. I didn’t encounter mosquitos

Photos of a marsh hammock.

There are extensive oyster beds in the shallow brackish marsh water which become exposed as the tide ebbs. tides are about 5 to 7 feet. So, a good understanding of the tides is important.

These are viewed at slack tide/low tide from the house we stayed.

View at High Tide.

A helpful tide clock was next to the door of the house.

We did visit the lighthouse and beach on Hunting Island SP.

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Wish I had been there. I’ll be ready in a couple of weeks. This morning was necessary but not a lot of fun

Beautiful day here.

Heal up soon my friend. Looks like Lake Jocassee camping next week.

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Good dolphin pics! I know how hard they are to capture. So heartwarming to paddle with them. This looks a lot like my Texas gulf trips, including the oyster beds. Beware, I did the foolish thing and sliced my hand open - the rumors are true!
Moving to the Carolinas this year so may head that way.