Hillbilly Hatch Cover

There are lots of good ideas for emergency hatch covers. If you happen to have an inflatable beach ball handy, this worked for me when I wanted to get an old beater kayak on the water before I finished a permanent fix. No offense intended to hillbillies.


Mother Necessity delivered you a fine, bouncing baby invention! LOL.

Seriously, an inflatable beach ball would make a good emergency spare hatch cover. Deflated, it takes little space.

A paddle float will do with some backing behind it. ( ie…camping gear)

That isnt hillbilly. Hillbilly would be mounting a trailer to the kayak. That there is custom redneckery.

Aww, that’s a class job… Here’s some real redneck boatery:

Redneckery? There’s no 2x4, zip tie, bailing wire or, duck tape involved.

However it does involve a Wal Mart toy as a integral part of a life saving water tight integrity plan.
Custom redneckery is summed up in “If its stupid and it works, it aint stupid.”