Hillsborough River camping

Hi. Is there a place that would rent canoes for an overnight camping trip to the Hillsborough river in Florida? Also has anyone gone fossiling at this river? Thanks.

4 trips
https://sweetwaterkayaks.wordpress.com/ on Gandy



The Peace is reputed as having fossils …prob bipods

The Santa Fe HAD fossils and if you doahno the story look it up…

I haven’t canoed out on the Myakka but hiked there…prob the best wildlife trip

The Santa Fe is prob the best canoe trip with paddling up into Oleno SP then down the Suwanee to the pick up pt.

The Santa outpost would prob cooperate on a multi day trip.

I dont think you can camp
on the river other than at the designated campground or the primitive campground

The lots are patrolled and you might lose a car if you just leave on in an access point


Nice river though we have only done day trips.

call Russell at Sweetwater Kayak
727-570-4844. Also highly recommend the Hillsborough State Park.

how far east
beyond the SP can a trip begin ?

I was thru on 301 in the '50’s. Very green, millions of wading birds…


The Myakka and Peace are on the borderlands to tropical Florida, Hillsborough as the name on the border to the rolling hills of Brooksville with the Santa Fe on the Georgia side.

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