Hilton Head Island

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We are heading to Hilton Head Island, SC this week. Does anyone know of places to put in there and any good routes / routes to take? Thanks in advance.

Pinckney Island just before you cross
Skull Creek (Intercoastal Waterway)to HH. Good boat landing and many places to paddle.

One thing you should know is that kayaks are not allowed to be brought into Sea Pines, if that is where you are staying. No way, no how, don’t bother. I was just there for a week and had to arrange to store my boat at Outside Hilton Head.

I put in on the beach (Burke’s beach road, I believe- there is free (!!!) public parking there and it is an easy put in), at the boat lauch next to the Old Oyster Factory (to paddle the marsh and Broad Creek- very pretty in the early morning, otters and dolphins, etc), and at the Pinkney ramp (very nice paddle around the island, about 11 miles). Between those 3 put ins you will get to see pretty much all of the different environs of the island. Despite the hassle of leaving my boat and picking it up every day, the paddling was excellent and I had a great time.

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There are many great places to go!
You can spend much of a day circumnavigating Pinckney Island (I’ve done it in a solo canoe). It is a National Wildlife Refuge and is full of birds. A great put in/take out at the bridge over to HH. HH has lots of tidal creeks that can be explored but you have to be able to get public access. You can put in at Point Comfort. Paddle out on a tidal creek to Broad Creek and you have full access to the Sound. As has been noted by others, Sea Pines is not a boat friendly place. They will not let you in with a boat on the car. I guess you could sneak a folding boat in though . . .

Sea Pines
You can bring a boat into SeaPines, but you have to be going to a home that can store it off the care and out of sight.

Tom Nickels is a terrific instructor, especially surfing, and only about an hour away if you’d like something guided: http://www.oceanairseakayak.com/index.html.

If you’re up to it skillswise and weather permits, the paddle around Daufuskie Island is a good day paddle.