Hilton Head launch sites

I’m going to be in Hilton Head in the spring. I’m wondering if there are any good (free) launch sites on the island, otherwise I won’t take the kayaks.

Any hints on good areas to explore would be welcome too.

Thanks in advance.

Just as you cross Skull Creek, the
old bridge roadbed is still there on the ICW. Take a right at the bottom of the bridge . The road becomes dirt and you can drive most of the way to the water.

Also,there is a public ramp on Pinckney Island in the middle of the causeway leading to HH.From either place you can circumnavigate Pinckney Isnad NWR; part of the trip weill be in the ICW.I always enjoyed the creeks on the mainland side.

Halfway around,you can land on White’s Point, a beautiful spot for a break.

Avoid Sea Pines Plantation

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My family used to vacation at HH every year and I repeatedly had problems with even bringing boats into the gated neighborhood.

After much wrangling they did allow in my boats but only with the promise that they would be immediately removed from my rooftop and stored in a hidden area behind the house .... I at first did not comply but a visit from the security guys convinced me they were serious about the policy and would not relent.

The next year I had pre-arrange with an outfitter to store my boat for the week as the policies had become even more strict.

Ironically after many years of vacationing in the area we ended up moving there and living for 2 years .... I never once had the desire to set foot on the pompous strip mall infested island.

2nd Topher’s comments
Sea Pines is just impossible to deal with. The entire complex is off limits to boats on your car. It’s just the stupidest thing ever.

When I stayed there one week (on someone else’s nickle) I arranged to leave my boat for a fee at Outside Hilton Head, on a rack. I could get it whenever I wanted. There are a couple of public beach put ins not far from there where you could easily get a spot and carry your boat, at least extremely early in the morning (I was going out around 530 am). The public boat launch area down near Pinckney was a fine place to put in, but a long drive from Sea Pines. I also put in a couple of times in the creek that comes way up the island (forgot the name) and had some nice mellow paddles with the dolphins etc.

It’s not easy to paddle Hilton Head, but it is doable.


I believe that would be Broad Creek.

Broad Creek
We’re not staying in Sea Pines. We have a motorhome and will be staying at the Outdoor Resorts on Arrow Rd.

I would like to explore Broad Creek - can you put in at a marina, or do you have to pay to launch? If so, is there anywhere free to launch that provides easy access to Broad Creek?

I don’t know that end of the island.
We were always near the Skull Creek bridge.

there’s a public launch
site at the creek, with parking. there’s a restaurant right nearby. good launch site for the creek.

definitely do the pinckney trip- excellent paddle.

don’t get me wrong- hilton head has nice places, and some great paddling. it’s just that it’s so dominated by the sea pines idiots.


“there’s a public launch site at the creek, with parking”

Is it free, or do you have to pay a fee/for parking?

Isn’t Outdoor Resorts just as you come
on to the island? If so , you are a couple of minutes away from the 2 launch sites I told you about.

Outdoor Resorts
No, that’s the Marina one. The one we’re staying at is near Sea Pines Circle.