Hip Pads

Looking for paddlers input on Hip Pad options.

I use Salamander Pro Hip Snaps in my whitewater boats, Wildwasser Rite-Fits in my sea kayaks (works very well on composite seats) but I seem to recall Air Core hip pads a number of years ago that were made of heavy denier nylon w/ an inflation bulb and hosing. Worked well but doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

I’m looking for other hip pad kits other than the old tried and true shave and trim minicell & glue.

Any other aftermarket hip pad systems out there that have worked well?

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Air Core…
Those were a nice gimmicky concept that Dagger put in their boats. My whitewater boat has those and although they are nice and soft, that stupid inflatable bulb broke off almost immediately. Nice concept, poor execution.

Here’s a link to various hip pads although I’ve always been a foam and glue kind of guy so I have no firsthand experience with these.


hip pads
I use Voyageur F.A.T. hip pads, they are the same ones on Wavesport whitewater boats.


Yep, silly bulb.
Ran into the bulb falling off too. Had to add another clamp to make sure it stayed put.

Thanks for the link. Familiar with those or have those options.

Seeing what else is out there. Have to go look at the FAT pads in Wavesport.

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Tear them out
After reading posts by Flatpick and others I took the hip pads out of my Tempest. Nice pads, well made, comfortable but I don’t see the need to lock your hips into a sea kayak.

Getting rid of the hip pads allows for a lot easier torso rotation for forward stroke, sweeps, stern rudders, getting into the day hatch, etc. And you can wiggle over a bit if you are paddling cross wind.

But whatever floats your boat…

Feathercraft Hip Fit Kit
Inflatable bladders. Work well in Feathercraft boats. http://feathercraft.com/misc.php#HipFit


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You don't need much. All I use is sea kayaks are flat pads that prevent me from sliding side-to-side when I lean/edge the boat. There is no need to be locked into a sea kayak.

You don't need to spend a bundle on fancy aftermarket pads, either. A few dollars worth of Minicell foam and some contact cement will do the trick.

Buying commercial hip pads
Yes, if you’re the only one using the kayak. What I like about the commercial hip pads is that they can be easily adjusted or removed for a different size paddler.


You don’t need to spend a bundle on fancy >aftermarket pads, either. A few dollars worth >of Minicell foam and some contact cement will >do the trick.

Adjustible minicell pads?
Hey Marshall,

If your looking for an alternative for your rental fleet I’ve had good luck using a base minicell block with glued on industrial velco loop. I then make different width outer minicell pads with the hook glued on. You can use the base alone or add various width outer pads.

The self stick adhesive on the velcro is worthless, so I cleaned this off and used DAP contact cement. It has held up well so far (all of last season). Not so easy to move when you replace your fleet, but thought I’d throw it out as an inexpensive alternative.

SYOTW - and I probably will!


That’s a different issue…
…and yes, commercial removable/adjustable pads make sense for that application. For a single paddler boat, they’re a waste of money.

Works great…
Yep, got a bag of those blocks for my whitewater boats and it works great. Found Marine Goop grabs a bit better on the foam especially if you take a heated nail and put some indentations into the minicell under the velcro before you glue, more surface area and deeper into the foam keeps it from ripping as people get in and out.

Was trying not to glue a bunch of fuzzy side velcro strips onto FG kayaks and was seeing what other modular/strap on systems people knew of and have had success with.

Great suggestions so far.

See you on the water,