hip replacement

can you kayak after a hip replacement 2 doctors said no 1 said yes

Do any of these doctors paddle?
This is a serious question - I had one tell me I shouldn’t ride horses after my illeostomy, turns out he never sat on a horse in his life. Another doc who rode eventing competitions, and was quite familiar with illeostomy patients, said yes. (The second doc was right.)

I vaguely recall a thread where someone who had a new hip had found that kayaking itself wasn’t an issue, but re-entry (in case of an unplanned swim) could be. Maybe check the archives?

I THINK We Can Talk
I had a broken hip surgically repaired about 5 years ago. Today I enjoy many miles of kayaking. The surgeon told me that some people develop arthritis after the repair and have to get the hip replaced. He said not to worry… the hip replacement was easier to recover from than the repair he had to do on me.

Yeah, you can kayak. It’s scary when doctors disagree, ain’t it?

sure can
I paddle with a women who had a hip replaced this past winter. It doesn’t seem to be problem.

hip repacement
thanks guys for all yhe feedback

Ed Gillet ( of California to Hawaii fame
broke a hip rollerblading some years back. He was back in the boat after 1 month ( a bit too early for most folks) and is still going strong.

yes you can
The late JohnC98 had a hip replaced and was paddling and kicking *ss after his hip replacement.

John was a most methodiical paddler and carefull trainer, so find the right dock and talk.

I would think
that easy paddling is something you could do till you croke. How much easier does it get? C’mon, sitting in a seat and paddling along… Go foe it.

After what I’ve been through
with my shoulder I think you CAN paddle with your hip replaced! You don’t paddle with your hips really as much as you use your arms/shoulders-hey ya just sit on that derriere after all-and if worse comes to worse, can’t you just roll out of your yak then crawl to where you have to go? Hey, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

My Experience
When I was recovering from my repair, the only thing I remember as being somewhat difficult was getting out of the boat. Definitely wanted to get the weaker leg on shore first.

Same here
I suffered a severe femoral neck fracture in '98 in a cycling accident. I took up paddling a year or so after the accident and it’s never hampered me other than having a bit less flexibility on one side. Sometimes it’s a bit stiff when getting out of the boat, but I would think you’d have less trouble with a replacement.

BTW, my doc told me the exact same things as Kudzu’s. Paddling is probably not the best therapy for a bum hip since you don’t move your hips much (cycling is far better), but it won’t do any harm.