just saw a new-to me- fixit stuff out there…

called a hippopatch…

any heard of this???

ownder if it might replace benzo tape…prolly not tho :slight_smile:



What’s benzo tape? Did you mean
denso tape?

ya…long day here at audubon…coffeee

Hippopatch is available on a roll and in strips. To compare with wax tape: The product is as easy to use and cleaner to work with. The material is synthetic and therefore doesn’t melt or age. The top temp is +185 and low temp -76.

It has been originally developed for the oil and gas industry to protect pipelines from corrosion and to waterproof concrete structures and pvc connections at pipes. The product adheres to any surface and has a life expectancy of 25 years.

If you’d like to contact me, call 877 586 3710 or email



Dolphin Sealants LLC, www.dsealants.com

what was the tape or patch
I saw the coaches playing with at Tybee last year…or what is the best tape to include in the cockpit for damage repair???

if you know then post a link so I can get some on order–thanks!

Hippo patching
Just bought some on ebay. With any luck, I’ll never be able to tell you anything about it. Of course, I never have any luck.