His and Hers Wood Kayaks

I’m looking to build two wood kayaks this fall to replace or add to our current FG boats. I can build from plans or kit. Due to time involved prefer Stitch and Glue. Both need to be low volume with low rear deck but dedicated rollers.

I’m thinking a Night Heron for me but not sure what would be best suited for her. (5’6"/125 lbs)

Merganser 16?

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Merganser 16?


Eric can customize his designs if the stock sizes don't work for you.

consider scaling it down
Built a couple of Guillimots (stripers) this past spring. Built mine (6’-0", 180lbs) to Nick’s specs, and scaled the wife’s (5’-4", 125lbs) down to 93% of full scale in all aspects. Full size is 17’L w/ 21" beam. Scaled down is 15’6"L w/ 19 1/2" beam.

They perform well. I’ve squeezed into the wife’s boat a couple times simply out of curiosity relative to handling. The displacement induced by my extra 55 lbs makes a noticed difference in the boats initial stability. It’s rock solid w/ her in it, even w/ days worth of food gear in the holds.

She’s not been in mine, but sure she would be lost in its larger cockpit w/o lots of additional foam.

I’ll throw in a plug for the Redfish ‘custom seat’. Joe seems to have it down well. It’s the only part of the boats I ‘shopped’ out, and quite happy to have done so. I’m sure I could have made the seats, but would have likely pissed away more in raw foam (which isn’t cheap) than I paid for the actual finished seats (which I could not have done any better on). Worth looking in to.

FYI: I believe the Guillies are adaptable for S&G.


I built one from a kit
It’s not what I’d consider low-volume. More like medium-volume. But Eric is willing to do custom sizing (for a fee).

One thing to consider is that the standard thigh brace “ears” on the coaming are too far forward for short people. You may want to make a different coaming rim with the “ears” placed appropriately for your wife. I wish I had done that. The boat itself is easy to roll and fairly fast. It just doesn’t fit me well in the cockpit because of the “ears” being too far forward, and I find the back of the coaming and rear deck kind of high. But I’m only 5’2".

I sent them an email indicating I wanted a Night Heron for me and scaled down version for my GF. She started off with a Cape Horn Pro and surprised me with being on the verge of a roll within nine weeks of getting into a kayak for the first time, don’t want to slow down the learning curve, or enthusiasm.

Time is on my side for an S&G but may run too long to hit the pool this winter with a stripper.

Just out of curiosity
You gonna launch from the boat ramps?

Oyster Shells and Rude Motor Boats
Best thing that can happen to a new boat of any kind is that first big scratch and I like rude boaters with huge wakes :slight_smile:

too far for any people
same thing for the 16,17w and 18 I made, I cut the center and forward portion down because the position was useless and it helped to have a bit more room between the ‘ears’. I’ve go a 30’ inseam and don’t think long legged folks would like the narrow opening between the ears.