History of the NDK boats (explorer)

Has there been many changes of the explorer over the years? When was the HV introduced? Was it called the ROMANY at one time??? If so what year did they chage the name? What year was the Greenlander introduced?

Reason for this is?
Might help to know. Anyway, here’s a site of ND’s with some info on introductions w/dates, and clarification around names. (And it’s officially the Romany, the Romany Explorer etc.)


One note - not sure if there is a newer site out there. He talks about the Romany Explorer LV as a to-be-introduced boat, and they’ve been around for a while now. Don’t know if it’s the site or just portions of it that need updates.

But it does answer some of your questions.

NDK history

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The hull of the Explorer (officially 'Romany Explorer') is unchanged over the years and across versions (LV,HV). The only differences are above the seam.

Brit sea kayak manufacturers seem to have a complicated relationship with their web sites.

The Forums on the NDK site were very good places for info when Simon Osborne was with NDK, but it seems since he left, questions can lanquish:


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Explorer HV
I have an Explorer HV that’s an '01, and I think one of the ones I demo’ed was an '00. If it came out before then, it wasn’t by much - but that’s all I can tell you.