Hitch mounted rack

Was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. I bought a hitch mounted kayak rack for my pickup from the oak orchard canoe people, and I have a yakima bar over the cab. It all seemed well, but the hitch mounted bar (while only seemingly having a millimeter of free space) still allows for a great deal of movement. Grabbing the bar the top will allow for four-five inches of free movement. Now, its thick steel and I can’t imagine that it would be possible to suffer catastrophic rack failure, but does everybody else have the same issue with hitch mounted racks


tie it off
I built one of these things many years back when these things weren’t on the market yet. I just ran a ratchet strap from the intersection of the T at the top of the rack to each corner of the truck (or bumper) snug them down and the play in the rack is gone.

Bill H.

I made my own also and tied her down as described. I still get some sway but no problems in 3 yrs. Kayaks and canoes.