Hiwassee Island Tenn

-- Last Updated: Feb-16-11 8:13 AM EST --

We are heading up there next weekend to paddle the area. Can anyone help us with a launching spot? It looks like Blythe Ferry Rd may be a good spot but I don't want to end up parking in a place where my car will be trashed when I get back to it.

Any suggestions?

Jack? I figured you might have some ideas if anyone would.

Blythe Ferry
I’ve launched there a time or two without problems. It’s mostly used by local fishermen but also as a summer hangout for locals. IMO there’s not that much to see in that area of the river. I recall the water around the island as being very weedy (milfoil?). The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) website has a map showing the ramps that they maintain which might be useful for you. If you need more info, let me know. I’m familiar with much of the area.

We are mainly going to see the nesting birds on the island. Other than that is does look a little drab. We will see. At the least it will be an adventure. Thanks a ton!


Used to be a good heron rookery on
the Hiwassee above Reliance, TN, but I think the supporting pines got rotten and started falling.