Hiwassee River

Anyone paddled the Hiwassee over the last couple of years? Has anyting changed, I did call and find out they are letting water out daily again. We are heading up there for a week, warming up on it and then taking on the Ocoee – all prayers accepted!

Class IIs mainly?



It’s the same
Yeh, the Hiwassee is class 2 except for the last rapid is more 3 in nature. It’s a good beginner’s river. Just be aware it’s pretty wide, so if you wet exit, you might be swimming a while, depending.

The Ocoee is radically different from the Hiwassee with plenty of class 4 action. If you don’t know the river make sure you go with somebody who is familiar with the routes through these class 4’s or you might be in trouble, unless you are very good at reading water and scout everything very well.

Steps up.
Do the Hiwassee first, then step it up a little to the Nantahala (I just got back from there about an hour ago), then Chatooga section III then the Ocoee. They call this the natural progression. I drove past the Ocoee this morning as they were letting out section II and I gotta tell ya, I am at leaat a year or more away from feeling confidient enough to run it. When you see it dry, you understand what is under there and I wierds me out.

Good Luck and have FUN!