Hmmm... Prijon Kodiak or Seaward Tyee?

-- Last Updated: May-23-12 6:11 PM EST --

So if I had to choose between a used Prijon Kodiak or a used Seaward Tyee which would people recommend?

First off I'm 6'3" size 14 shoe. I'm mainly interested in flatwater kayaking maybe the occasional bay. I'm pretty new to the sport too, maybe 20 hours in a kayak so far.

I have sat in the Tyee but not in the water, I haven't seen the Kodiak in person yet but I hear it's good for big paddlers. I'm trying to decide if these are good choices to choose from.

Any suggestions would be great.


Kodiak is excellent, but …
its an expedition boat basically, built for taking a lot of gear on long trips. It’s very seaworthy. I liked it alot. But I wonder if you are just doing day paddles if it is going to be too much boat.