Hoax Mayday Caller

U.S. Coast Guard Seeks Help in Identifying Hoax Mayday Caller

The U.S. Coast Guard is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the person responsible for making nearly three dozen hoax Mayday calls from June of 2014 through July of this year. All calls have originated from the Annapolis, Maryland, area and have been made by a male.

The U.S. Coast Guard estimates that the false calls have resulted in approximately $500,000 in unnecessary costs. Moreover, the calls have the potential to hinder the Coast Guard’s ability to respond to actual emergencies. Lt. Cmdr. Sara Wallace, chief of response at Coast Guard Sector Maryland-National Capital Region, says, “Calls like these not only put our crews at risk, but they put the lives of the public at risk. Our efforts to respond to what may be a hoax can delay us from getting on scene to a real emergency.”

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should be yelling mayday when they get him. Needs jailed or set adrift in a small floating tub.

what a jerk
hope they find him. Too bad they can’t triangulate the signal when the call comes in.

Same thought.
The USCG noted all calls are coming from an area between Loretta Heights and Admiral Drive along 450/West Street.

Maybe someone’s job application was rejected by the USCG?

I’d be willing…

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I'd be willing to bet the caller is a bored teen; not currently attending school, whose family is well off enough that the kid does not need to work at a summer job. Family has more than likely bailed kid out of law violations before; he probably received no more than a slap on the wrist.

Radio may be stolen from a marina area, or may belong to dad, or mom. Family members may own boats; thus availability of the radio.

Also betting other kids know about the callers activities; even if they didn't do any calling themselves.

If/when the perp gets caught; they need to nail his hide to the way; no piddling fine, or probation. He is putting people's life at risk for his entertainment, and $500,000.00 is NOT chump change.


They usually can
I know one time several years back in was tied up at my pier working on the boat and had the VHF on and I heard someone say “Mayday Mayday, Mayday this is the Andrea Gale”. (you know like out of the movie Perfect storm)

The Coasties probably realized it was a hoax after they asked for the position of the vessel in distress and the guy didn’t respond, then they asked anyone who heard the call to contact them. I got on my VHF and gave them my position tied up at the dock as did one of the Virginia Pilots on a oil tanker in the Chesapeake Bay and several other recreational vessels. The Coast Guard asked me to call them on my cell phone and they asked the height of my VHF antenna above the water. What they were trying to do was get a fix on where the call came from.