Hobbie peddle powered yaks

Has anyone used one or got one? Any problems with the peddles ect. Thanks FishHawk

They’re fun
I paddled (pedaled?) one once. The Mirage Drive, as they call it, really works well.

I don’t know about durability, robustness in different conditions, etc.

The only gripe I would have is that the travel of the pedals is a little short for a guy who is 6’6".

They are very popular with the fisherman around here (Chicagoland) because one’s hands are free while moving.

I have–
–as a friend is a dealer. They’re durable for their class and can be a lot of fun for playing around in. My husband wants an Island (that’s a pedal/paddle with two outriggers and a sail…very very fast little craft).

"can be a lot of fun for playing around in"

I would have thought the peddles made them a little akward for that .

Intelligent Design
The propulsion system is very well engineered and provides a lot of forward thrust. I believe a few years back in a pool at Outdoor Retailer a Hobie with a regular human operating it pulled Greg Barton (paddling) backwards and held neck and neck against Barton and Oscar together (paddling). Going of memory here, so details are fuzzy. If that doesn’t impress, nothing will.

Not my kind of craft, but for what it is pretty clever and effective.

I haven’t used one, but I have friends
who have and they all say the same thing. They aren’t for distances. But they are fast.