Hobbie yaks.

Anyone use one of these yaks? Wondering if you have had any problems with the peddle drive?


I have only test drove one… But I
know of several people that regularly fish from them.

The only problems I have heard of the Drive system failing either comes from poor Preventive Maintenance (Letting the thing rust.) or running them aground at high speed… The latter usually bends the backbone shaft and occasionally put a hole in the rubber… Does not seem have any long term problems even when that happens… The shaft can be straightened out or replaced, and the rubber fins can be "Goop"ed to work like new… Oh, and they can be replaced too.

My next fishing yak will be one… The ability to troll and to have your hands free while travelling from fishing hole to fishing hole is an incredible advantage. Being able to keep your place in a current and cast at the same time is another plus.


There were a few problems a year or
so ago, but Hobie, being the quality company that it is, corrected them and replaced appropriate parts for existing owners.

If I could afford one, I’d be peddling a Hobie Revolution in the morning. I’ve paddled both the Revolution and the Outback. Both do well, with the Outback being a bit more roomy and maybe better set up for fishing, but the Revolution will paddle better if you need to in an emergency. The Outback is more of a barge to paddle. Give me one and I’ll take it, but the Revolution is the beans as some say.

Especially if you have the outriggers…
You can STAND and Flyfish from that baby so rigged!

Oh yeah! That is my next yak.


I’m trying something a bit diffent next.
Looking at building a row boat. May be a modified dory, more primary stability than the traditional dory. But, have also looked at other plans. Its a toss up between a personal craft and one that will carry two or more.

Decisions to make.
I have a SIT yak and like it a lot but the Hobie is very intriguing. I check out a yak fishing site and there seems to be a lot of problems as you guys mentioned. I would probably go with the Revolution. I guess I’ll test drive one . FishHawk

Hawk, if you are looking at kayak
fishing sites where much of the fishing is done in shallow bays, especially with oyster reefs, there may be more problems with the fins, particularly the turbo fins. The fins need 18" of water, turbo’s more. It may be that they are damaging fins on reefs and in shallow areas. I’ve heard no problems with the drive itself. But, it is a mechanical contrivance and, as such, subject to failing at some point in time. Most of those I know and read about using them love the drive. Only a few have gone back to paddling, mainly because of where they fish.

I know several people in Florida who use
their Hobie in the flats…They remove the pedals and paddle normally. That is why the Revolution is so hice, not a barge to paddle.


Yep, that’s pretty much what most do
around here. Our bays are shallow and have lots of reefs, so that is a problem sometimes. The guys that have them farther South love 'em.

Hobies for fishing
If you are a kayak purist, or, are afraid of what a yak purist will think, the padalyaks are not for you.

If you want a multi purpose yak type boat for fun, fishing and maybe even a little sailing, this may be for you. I’ve had my Adventure (16’) model since late '05. I try to use it at least once a week for fishing, sightseeing, photography, sailing or just plain fun.

Ocean, inshore and even a little bit of bass fishing in the Everglades. I do take a bit of ribbing from some of my fishing buddies in other kayaks but I some times see a little envy in thier eyes as I glide past them against the wind while trolling a lure, drinking a beer and eating a snack all at the same time!!

With a short learning curve the Hobies can be pedaled in 6" of water. The Revo and the Adventure can be paddled decently with out the drive. My old Adventure is beat up from oyster bars, sand bars and general use, but I’m glad I made the choice and didn’t go another way.

I have had no issues with the quality of the kayak or the mirrage drive even though I’m less than stellar at maintinence. I had a run in with a manatee that broke the rudder, called Hobie direct and was overnighted the part I needed the next day at no charge. Cali to Fla. How’s that for backing up a product since it wasn’t even a warrenty issue?

There are countless pictures floating around on the net of fish I’ve caught in the shallow waters around Flamingo. If you can’t find some, I’ll be happy to send you some!!!