HOBIE 16' Adventure (when paddled)

I know this and most Hobies are famous for their Mirage Drive pedal system, as well as their sailing ability. I also know kayak fisherman love these boats, but maybe not for their paddling ability.

My question is how are they to just plain paddle. I prefer paddling but would like the option to pedal or even sail when the conditions warrant. If I’m paddling 75% of the time will this be a barge,too heavy, etc? I know it’s not a racer or roller but would love to hear from someone who primarily has just (paddled) it.

Very Good

I have a Tarpon 160 and have also paddled an Adventure. Both are very swift and easy to paddle.

If I was buying from scratch, I would really have a tough choice on which one to buy. I would probably lean towards the Hobie primarily due to the peddle drive and the sail option.

I didn’t like it.
When the rudder was not employed the boat would not track at all. Just kept veering left and right.

However, the peddle system worked great.