Hobie anchor kit

I just bought a Hobie anchor kit which includes a 3.5 lb anchor, 60’ of rope and a bag to store it in. The bag has a clip on one end and a hole in the other. I’m wondering if the bag is somehow supposed to be incorporated into the rigging of the anchor. There are no instructions and several hours searching the web has proved fuitless. Anyone have experience/knowledge of these?

Bag probably for storage

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There'd be no way to incorporate the bag into the line-handling system. No doubt they provided it because it's a cheap way of storing the loose line.

A bag is a poor way of storing anchor line, in my opinion. Someone recently asked a question about anchor line storage, and with the line-storage method I described (which I use in a small motorboat but the principle is the same no matter the boat type)...


..., I can wind or unwind 50 feet of rope quite easily and quickly - I'd guess in 15 seconds or less. How long do you think it would take to stuff that length of line into a bag, and would you find it inconvenient to do so a bunch of times in a day? I say ditch the bag.