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I’m thinking of buying the hobie cat with the peddle system. any suggestions or positives or negatives. i will want this for fishing around sarasota bay and other spots around tampa and central florida mainly. they are quite expensive and i want to make the best decision before laying out that kind of money. thanks, karen h

Some Questions to Ask Yourself
I’ve owned the conventional Hobie Tandem, Oddysey and liked it a lot. It was fast for a 14’ SOT tandem, very comfortable, well designed and had quality construction. The Hobies are heavy and very slick when wet (also helps with speed) so you need to add grab lines to help lift it onto the car. It paddles well in wind and chop.

Peddling lets you use your legs and you can go fairly fast. That being said kayaks are designed to be moved with paddles, the paddles alos let you steer and maneuver quickly, and brace so that you do not tip over.

Why do you want to peddle? Hands free to fish, lower body exercise, more speed on flat water?

From my point of view the negatives of a peddled boat and the high cost compared to a more conventional used boat that you could get for 1/5 the cost would have to really be outweighed by some advantage I don’t see.

I would be cautious about peddling in choppy conditions in real waves and swells. I occaisionally see people fishing from these off-shore in very calm conditions but rarely. Hobie Kayaks are popular in my area, the factory is just up the road but the peddle boats are very rare. I sold my Oddysey to someone who owns a peddle boat and wants a conventional kayak made by Hobbie.

1st yak

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I've got the Hobie Outback. One for myself and one for the wife. I enjoy it, she loves hers. Especially for fishing and goofing around. Yes, they are somewhat expensive, but the pedal system is worth the cost. If you're not an avid yakker, you might try the pedals. You'll be able to keep up with any of the other yaks. Within reason of course. Length dictates speed in yaks. The statement about 1/5th the price would put you in a toy yak of some sort. That's a bit of a stretch. My opinion. Good luck with your decision. I might suggest you go to kayakfishingstuff.com and see what kind of answers you might get there.

$300 vs $1700
A used Scupper Pro is $300 here, a new boat she is considering are listed as $1700 dollars. I would rather have the Scupper Pro for $300. It’s not a toy.