hobie cat mirage line

I am interested in purchasing one of the peddle system kayaks for fishing in and around sarasota/tampa bay and central florida mainly. since they are pricey, i was wondering what kayakers who have this tyoe of kayak think about them - the positives and the negatives? thanks, karen

Don’t have one, but most who have them
like the peddle system. But, if you like to fish skinny water…less than 18" sight casting to reds, the peddle system doesn’t work. Otherwise, its a great craft from everything I’ve heard and read.

Alot of KFS
folks use them and like them.Id go with the Adventure 16’ model myself.

just checking
them out at an open house yesterday. I can’t justify one for my stable but my son and I agree the hobie seems to be an awesone fishing platform. Hands free for casting, rod holders, built in compartments for cooler, cans, etc…tight maneuvering would require paddling but paddle is stored right next to you.

Hobie Mirage Drive Fins

The Hobie kayak to get is the 16’ Adventure. It faster than the Outback and has lots of fishing pluses. I just ordered new model drive fins for mine. They are more efficient than the original ones supplied. The problem is that the factory has not shipped any yet. I heard about a demo test ride with the new fins from a Hobie dealer and he was very impressed.

Hobies for fishing
I fish from an Adventure. It seems a skosh faster than the other Hobie models. There is almost nothing like being able to hold to a spot by pedaling against the current to make a few casts! Trolling when going to a different spot is also easy to do. I have been to the 10,000 Island area, the Keys and even offshore near Fort Lauderdale. Sailing a kayak is also a blast.

This is my first kayak after many years of canoe fishing/camping. I find I pedal most of the time and can make 3.5 to 4 mph for hours at a time. I have had to wait for a paddler to catch up in a trip mostly against the wind.

don’t know if it is proper to post links to other sites but, here goes…


KFS forum has a Florida specific forum with plenty of posters from your area.

Hobie, Mirage, Outback
Hi, I also have a Hobie, but the Outback. I love it. As stated, because of length alone, the longer yak, the Adventure is faster. Hull speed for displacement boats is pretty much a formula. It’s been a ball to play with. Not a traditional yak by any stretch, but I love it. It’s heavy for loading, but I wasn’t expecting any different. Can maintain a good relative speed for long periods. Love the sailing aspect. The wife has one also.

I have
a Hobie Mirage. The pedal system is very fast IF you pedal fast. Kinda makes sense, but, at least for a non-biker like myself, a leisurely pedal is pretty slow. Be carefull with the drive unit. I took it on a river and had to repair the fins when I got back. Fairly easy to repair, but still necessary. Kids can be pretty hard on them also. When the water gets shallow, you press on the pedals and the fins flatten up against the bottom of the boat. Pretty cool, unless you want then want to remove them. Can’t do it without extending the fins which might be hard in shallow water. I have one for sale here in Huntsville, Alabama. Asking $1000, local pickup, lets talk.

Hobie Mirage
Which Hobie are you selling?

Sorry about that
Its a Classic I have for sale.

I buddy…
recently told me that the biggest drawback to his Adventure was that when paddling, the rudder is a PITA to work.

Not a huge deal cuz he pedals 95% of the time. Just something to be aware of if you’re gonna be on the flats often.

paddling and rudder
In response to member who was concerned that paddling with the rudder in the hObie kayaks was difficult. I believe that the rudder is only supposed to be used when you are pedaling…you cannot paddle and use the rudder at the same time. The kayaks that use paddles and rudders operate the skeg with the feet.

Hobie paddling
I have the Adventure and when I paddle, mostly on flats to shallow for the mirage drive, I don’t feel the need for rudder use.

I’ve tried one a couple of times,
and was very impressed with the mobility capabilities, and freedom of arm usage for fishing. Only other aside to mention is that this type of activity is a great aerobic workout, and may help to keep one fishing for another few years than without.

Happy paddling, and good fishing!