Hobie Drive and Hull issue

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I bought a used hobie kayak, old one. It has 2 problems. 1 is the drive : the chain scratches the cable when pedaling. 2 is the hull. there is a crack. right above the screw.

I haven’t tested it yet. But the price was really good so I bought it. One pic of the drive shows the damaged cable because of scratching (hard to see from the angle, but it does scratch the cable). The other shows the position when the scratch happens. How to fix these 2 problems? Thank you very much. I will reply with other pics.

same crack, zoomed in pic

This position is where the chain scratches the cable.

That crack can be welded shut with a soldering iron.

That crack above the screw looks like it was put there on purpose. It looks man made - perfectly straight, perfect edges, etc. I would figure out why it is there before filling it with anything. Is it a problem - is there leaks from it?

Thank you very much for the reply. Do I need to do plastic welding and melt a little plastic on it or simply melt the “crack” ? what about the screw shall I leave it on when fixing the hull? I am very new to this. Thank you

Thank you for the reply, I don’t know if it leaks, i just got it from the previous owner. I don’t know how to test for leaks, I will just take it out on water and pedal around for a while and see if there is water inside the hull. I want to heat up a screw driver and simply “melt” the crack.

I agree with Peter .That crack looks like a cut. I’d try to find out if it’s a failure or intentional.

Drill the end of the crack and plastic weld it. They sell sticks to weld with.

Thank you very much. I took another photo after I removed the screw, it doesn’t seem like the crack is deep or long. Is it ok if I just use a welder to “melt” the crack with the crew on ? Thank you