hobie fishing!

watched man and hobie fish a sandbar in the indian river.

man footpaddled and the fish jumped out of the water and swam away.

lotta fish out there!!

I peddled the Revolution and Outback
at a recent demo. Fun and fast, but it bothers me that they won’t peddle backwards. I did enjoy the non-Mirage drive Quest though. The new WS Ride appears to be a huge improvement…much drier.

Hobies for fishing
I am a hobieholic! I fish from an Adventure. Nothing like almost hands free kayaking. You can hold a spot against the wind/current to keep working a spot. Pedal to different spots trolling, eating, drinking, well, you get the idea.

As for reverse, you could turn the drive around and get reverse. I don’t, I always use my paddle

Turning the peddles around.
I talked to a Hobie dealer about problems I’d heard of with the mirage drive breaking. He told me that what it happened when people put the drive in backwards and try to peddle forward. Said in the new Hobies, you can’t do that.

How’s that Adventure for stability? The owner of texaskayakfisherman.com has one. He loves his.

I hope to go to a demo Friday on a saltwater lake south of Houston. The demo is supposed to be on the lake, not in a pool. I’m thinking about the Outback or Revolution. I like the Outback better for fishing, but if I had to paddle home, the Revolution should be easier.

Adventure !
The adventure covers more distance easier, by a lot and is absolutely stable. The combination of sailkit and pedals is a killer . . .try holding 7 mph for more than an hour! :slight_smile:

I’ve owned several Mirage Drive Hobies - the drives could be put in backwards to achieve reverse drive up to my latest a 2006 Sport. The problem is that when you need reverse, it’s usually a spur of the moment and short term need -that essentially makes the reversability “feature” (actually a design flaw, in my opinion) useless.

In my case, reverse would be good.
I drift fish in lakes for catfish. By reversing the drive, I could better control the drift as I drift backward.


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I stand corrected - it's not useless if you want a controlled backward drift - Hobie is always making changes. If you want this "feature" double check any new boat.