Hobie Kona vs. Ocean's Malibu Two XL

We are “beginners” seeking to buy a new or good used tandem sit-on-top kayak. I have done a bit of research and would like opinions from people who know kayaks as to which of the above listed kayaks would be best for us. My wife and I are 47 and our boys are 16 and 13. We are hoping not to spend too much on this kayak as, like I said, we are beginners, and we want to see how much we will like kayaking before we put too much into it. Maybe someone will have a better idea for a kayak for us also. And if anyone has one for sale at a good price, please let me know. Thanks alot!

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Rent kayaks first. Get some time

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in tandems and singles. Buying one to see how you like it works for the dealers, but not for the buyer. Myrtle Beach should have rentals and its not so far from the Upstate. Also, there is one, or more, kayak place in the Greenville area where you s hould be able to rent kayaks to try out. Lots of kayak dealers will take of the price of a rental if you buy after trying.

Those boys are old enough to do well in solo kayaks.
After a while, paddling in tandem is going to get old. There are some decent and fairly inexpensive singles out there you may want to consider.