Hobie Mirage Adventure

I’m a long time canoer now interested, possibly, in a Hobie Mirage Adventure. I’ve pedalled a couple of Mirage Drive boats so am familiar with the system but am wondering specifically how the Adventure paddles compared with similar poly kayaks (16’ long 27" wide). Thanks

I have tested one a couple of times

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But I have not paddled it, only pedaled. Sea Kayaker magazine gave it a glowing review several months ago and they said it paddles very well.

PS: I want one...BADLY!

Heavier and wider with flat bottom and
assorted bottom holes for drive and scuppers, so will probable be somewhat slower than similar narrower SINK rec boat. Wife has the smaller “sport”, (~50#) good stability, and enough speed to just peddle and keep up with easy cruising paddlers while her shoulder surgery heals. Wants her Blackhawk canoe back though - freestyler. R