Hobie Mirage Angler Pro 12 for the ocean

I live on the coast of North Carolina and fish exclusively in salt water. Normally I would fish inside the barrier islands, but occasionally might want to fish for Spanish mackerel and trout at an inlet. I am considering the purchase of the Hobie Cat Mirage Pro Angler 12 kayak. I’m wondering if experienced kayakers think the Mirage Pro Angler 12 is a good kayak for ocean use. I like the idea of being able to peddle my way to where I want to go, and being able to do so would certainly extend my range. Yes, I do have a 21-foot boat with 150 hp engine, but that requires much more preparation, time, and trouble than simply hopping into a kayak and paddling out to where you want to go. Besides, there is a small saltwater slough behind my house that is better navigated by kayak.

Opinions, please, especially from those experienced with the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12.

yes in many places, but not all
If conditions (primarily looking at waves/swell) aren’t too bad, then the boat would be fine.

The Hobie (as with many other SOT kayaks) is wide and flat on the bottom. This makes them feel very stable, as they like to stay flat on the surface. The challenge is that when the surface isn’t flat. The boat will try to stay flat on the surface, but if the waves make it so the surface if angled, that means the boat will be angled.

Check ocean swell and wind wave conditions. Less is better. And at the mouth of channels between islands, you could get tidal rips, which cause waves and could cause you trouble even when the swell and wind waves are down.

The Hobie PA 12 is actualy a dual hull cat and so it handles rough stuff real well.Like the above post says its all about the size of the waves vs Your skill level. You will love it. I was one of the original Hobie dealers the first year they came on the market. I still sell a ton of them. Actualy many tons.

Over here on the west coast, there is
an enthusiastic group of kayak anglers who peddle Hobies in the Pacific, through surf and swell. As with any human-powered, small boat you have to manage water conditions and risk and follow sound safety practices but the boats are certainly capable. See this website for info about the conditions they are used in.


Peddle or Pedal?
It sounds like some folks here do both, but those engaged in fishing will be pedaling. :slight_smile: