Hobie Mirage I12S question - anyone use

Considering a Hobie Mirage I12S with their optional sail. This is a 12 foot long inflatable Hobie kayak with the pedal drive. Has anyone used?

I have demoed the Adventure Island, and like the mix of sailing and kayaking it could do. But I don’t have a way to store or transport that beast. Trying to see if the I12S comes close.

I have had inflatables before, and do understand drying and cleaning considerations. And this would not be replacing my current sea kayaks. Those kayaks are all skeg boats, so adding a sail kit to them wouldn’t be that useful (plus they wouldn’t have any sort of center/dagger board, where the pedal drive would partially perform that function on the Hobie).

Questions I am hoping to get answers to:

On the I12S, I assume the optional sail kit does not give amas/outriggers like the Adventure Island has. Is there flipping concerns when sailing? Or does the kayak have itself have enough stability to not really be a concern? 36"is pretty beamy, but is it enough?

How is the on water performance(preferably as comapered to a hard shell Hobie)? Inflatables often don;t perform as well as hard shell - does the drop stitch method perform better than other inflatables as their marketing says?