Hobie Mirage Outback- 2016 pricing

Hello from WV!

Recently my parents have “gifted” me with a kayak during their move. Though I love being on the water, I am still in school and the kayak they gave me is way too big for my personal use.

I know that usually you look at Craig’s List or so forth for used prices but I am having trouble finding the one I have-
Hobie Mirage Outback Limited Edition 2016 (it also has 300/500 on the side)

I know that in some cases limited editions are worth more and sometimes actually worth less than their counterparts. In this case would I just price it the same as the non-limited editions? But it has only been in the water around 3-4 times (fresh water) and has been kept indoors when not on the water so no sun damage.

Would $2,100 be ok? This would include the trax, two double sided paddles, and the pedals.

Sorry if this is not allowed here!

Used kayaks generally go for between 1/3 and 2/3 of new price. Age, condition, and added extras usually set where in that range you would go.

That said, during this pandemic most places are sold out of anything that floats, so you could possibly edge the price up a little bit higher in the range and see if you get bites.