Hobie Mirage Sport

Hobie has a new shorter version of the outback out. This might be pretty cool for us inland guys who fish the twisty turnny stuff. If anyone has the chance to try it out please let the rest of us know how it went…

not ready yet
From what Ive been told they just anounced it last week. I got a email from them. They are just now taking orders from dealers for them. I doubt if they will make it to the east coast until May. I agree with ya though it looks like a nice compliment to the outback. I had hoped for a price below a grand though. The sugested retail is $1,150.00.


I’d rather peddle than paddle!!!

I saw one today - we’re putting on a tournament with Hobie in three weeks. The shop owners daughter was peddaling one (age 6) and making it look easy. It’s a REALLY short boat but fun. I really would probably relegate this one to the kids as the 12’ Outback SUV isn’t really all that long but has a much higher weight capacity and is the only turnkey fishing solution in the kayak world (and I say this as a Malibu and OK owner!). These boats are all slick, though.

I may end up with one before all this is over. :smiley: