Hobie Mirage

I would like to hear of other persons experience and opinions of the Hobie Mirage system

my wife has one, it’s a really
dry boat and reasonably fast. don’t care for where the drain plug is,(under the stern) but hopefully they’ve moved it up top on newer models. she has the foot pedal accesory when is kind of neat and the rudder which she had me remove. didn’t like the controls on the side.which needed a lot of attention when in use .sturdy boat ,no doubt about that; I found hers in the mangroves a long way from land after hurricane georges. it will take a beating. installed a hatch up front for more storage,so it would hold her long freediving fins. expensive new though. I think my neighbor would be willing to part with hers for a reasonable price. it doesn’t have the pedal system though.I’m in key west, so if you are interested touch back and I’ll ask.

Hobie Mirage
Thanks for the response. I am located in the state of Oregon. I am thinking about buying a pedal model and would like to try one out first.

oregon is a little far away
she said for 400 bucks it’s out of her life,says she wants a surf kayak, shipping might cost more than the yak though.good luck, isn’t the water cold there? scupper plugs may necessary to keep your tender parts from freezing.

Ive tried them a few times.Cant say i much cared for it.It’s pretty fast when peddaled but dont expect much with a paddle.I found the position your in awkward and my legs tired quickly.Not much storage space since the shape’s of the boat’s upper deck prevent’s getting anything with size inside any of the 3 hatch’s.Other than being able to keep your hands free for fishing i dont see what the appeal is.To each his own though.As to ship’n.Check out Forward Air.com.By far the best freight rate’s ive found.Good luck!