Bought the Outback and I’m having trouble adjusting the pedals for my leg length. The boat I demoed had a spring clip that you loosened to extract the pins and then adjusted the pedals. My drive unit has a nut and bolt holding the pin in. It also has plastic sleeves that go about 2/3rds of the way up each pedal shaft. No matter how I manipulate these sleeves I cannot seem to get the pins out. Is it possible I need to adjust them by removing the bolt holding the pins? This seems illogical as that would mean I need tools to make this adjustment. My gut tells me that I’m doing something wrong. Any suggestions?



you should
consult your dealer,I’m sure he wants you to be a happy customer,I have an old schematic for my wifes mirage which came with the boat, but don’t have a scanner to send them,

Thanks Lees. I did that but he just became an Outback deale and is not sure. The other thing he is in NJ and I’m on Long Island. I’ve contacted Hobie so I’ll wait to see what they say. Thanks.

All you have to do is squeeze the plastic sleeves (that run up the shaft) and the pin will back out of the adjusting slot. This is something that has been upgraded on the newer drive units. It is so much better than fighting a semi loose locking pin.

Hobie is one of the few manufacturers that keeps up high standards of integrity with pricing and service with its dealers. It is hard to believe that one of their dealers would let a yak go out without explaining all of the working parts and adjustments to you.


Well thanks for all the input. After staring at it some more I figured it out. You need to push the sleeve at the bottom near the pin. Very simple. So simple 'm embarrassed it took so long to figure it out. Thanks again.