Hobie outback

just came back from Oak Orchard Canoe and Kayak with my younger brother. He has his heart set on the Hobie Outback sit on top. The thing is so cool. Has anyone paddled and peddled and fished?


I’ve peddled, not fished from one
By all accounts, its a great fishing platform. I prefer the Revolution, a bit faster and better if the peddle mechanism breaks, you are far from home, and have to paddle. But, its difficult to beat the layout of the Outback for fishing. Hopefully, the dealer explained that it takes about 18" of water for the fins to work properly.

Native Watercraft will soon sell, if it hasn’t hit the market, another type of peddle/propeller system in their Ultimate craft. It’s more conventional drive unit uses an actual propeller rather than the fins and kicks up if it hits an obstruction.

I wasn’t impressed
with the Native watercraft although it wasn’t decked out with all the extras, so it resembled the kevlar canoe he already owns. He did try them both and I think he will enjoy the outback if he goes that route.

Frankly, if he has a solo canoe
why would he bother with the Outback. Of course if the solo is a white water boat or has other design issues that don’t translate to making it a good fishing craft, that may be different. I like the Hobies, but when I look at them, I’m always reminded that I could buy a Wenonah Prism and have money to take a fairly exotic trip to dip it in water I’d love to fish. Or, just save for another canoe/kayak.

I hear ya.

I don’t know why
he doesn’t like his canoe for fishing. I have been in it fishing with him before. It’s noisy and its not a solo (I know very little about canoes)but you can buy or make a center seat for them can’t you? It’s very light also and gets taken by the wind easily.

The wind problem has more to do
with weight in the bow usually. Some canoes have a pretty high bow and catch a lot of wind. My Wenonah Sandpiper has a fairly low bow and does well in the wind. However, I do have to say my Old Town Loon is better in the wind. Its just 20 lbs heavier and I’m getting old. As far as installing a third seat, it can be done, though some canoes are a bit wide to paddle from the center. If the width is much over 38", it may not paddle well from the center. OTOH, he may not need to install it dead center, depends on how much room there is between thwarts, seats, etc.

I am one of the first Hobie dealers and have fished the outback since the first ones came out of production. I have watched Hobie change and improve the outback over the last ten years and Ive sold and fished out of every other model. All that being said I still use the outback although its an 08 model now. There is not a better fishing craft on the planet. Its dry even in 2 to 3 foot chop. Its waymore stable than a canoe or jon boat.and its fast enough with the Turbo flippers which your brother will want you can hit 4 to 5 mph and your hands are free to fish. I have rigged almost 300 Hobies for fishing so if he has questions on customizing it ? feel free to email me.

Bay stalker on the flats


good to know
Thanks I’m glad that you mentioned that it was a dry boat even in the 2 to 3 foot waves. Being in Ny I was going to mention that he might want to rethink his decision. We were both impressed with the fact that you can paddle the boat and have your hands free to fish. Great picture and great fish.