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I always thought of peddling on the water as kinda hokie. But I saw Hobie’s kayak at a trade show and it looked pretty good and seemed like it made some sense. Just wondering how it performs. Anybody tried it? What’s going to happen when you pull up onto the beach?

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I have been kayak fishing and selling kayaks for 14 years. Since I switched to the outback last year I will never go back to those antiques with paddles. And my customers must feel the same I sold 9 of them in the last two weeks all fisherman. Dont worry about beachin it. Simply push one peddle forword and the fins will fold up against the boat. They are over 20 advantages that are unique to the peddle drive when fishing. Email me for a copy of an article I wrote detailing them.




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some of the flats fishing you'll do in the Florida Bay backcountry side of the Keys -heck, just getting THROUGH parts of the back country and what the locals call "skinny water" -will be problermatic with the flipper propulsion system Hobie uses.

But if you'll consistently go in water 3' deep or deeper, which doesn't have hydrilla (FW) or its SW eqivalent (little of that here in SoFla, really), then by all means consider the Hobies.

They DO run more costly than the paddling yaks, and they're heavier, but the angling model has quite a few nice features, including an ok TW and "cubby bins" -depressions along the gunwales. They run a more costly that most if not all non-ski/racing SOTs, and a LOT more costly if you're thinking of going used -but you may find the price is right if it works for you.

At any rate, get out there with your gear and fish and peddle, er,

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

what effect

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Will the paddles have on fish? as long you're in maby 6'+ IT may not bother them, heck It may not anyway but thats alot of cash to spend on something without knowing the facts.
I had one guy at the show explain to me how he would use the Hobie to sneak up on fish,mmmmmmmm
I guess It depemds on the species and the water conditions etc......

I tried one at a demo a couple of years ago. Speed seemed good, steering with the hand rudder was ok. My biggest dislike was a “clunk” at the end of each pedal stroke when the pedal hit the stop, but I probably didn’t have it adjusted properly for my leg length.

hobie peddler not so great in practice
I have tried the hobie outback a couple of times, so I am no expert on this kayak. What I can tell you is this: It is at least ten pounds heavier than anything else you are probably considering; It is very wide, much wider than most other solo SOTs and isnt any more stable; it is expensive about 500 more than other kayaks.

I really don’t like the extra weight. .its a pain i the butt at the end of the day.

Yes its heavy and wide but it goes as fast as any other fishing yak out there but I can drink cofee, eat a donut and talk on my cell while my buddies are white knuckling it to keep up with me.Stability is superb. I love the initial looseness because I have learned how to use the rudder and peddles to pull off manuevers that would be impossible with a paddle yak. The sails which is what the flippers are called DO NOT SCARE FISH. Paddles scare fish when they break the waters surface. I am fishing for and catching stripers every night right now and the fish are on top. I have to smack em with my bow to move em. Also, I have given up wearing waterproof clothing. I now fish in jeans and a sweatshirt because propulsion is going on under water you never get even a drop of water on you. For some reason the clanking sound doesnt scare them.14 years in a paddle kayak taught me to stay off about 20 yards or the paddle would scare em off. It is true if you spend most your time in water under 14 inches this is not a good boat for you. Otherwise the hobie is the best kayak in the industry for fishing. Anything with a paddle is an antique in my book.



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I live in s.Jersey, where are you gettin all those Stripers I want some, I'll be Quiet .. ;^)

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beaslys point…call the shop