Hobie Quest Fisherman

-- Last Updated: Apr-09-08 1:50 PM EST --

Anyone out there has this kayak brand. My boyfriend and I are looking to purchase new kayaks and we have a friend who owns one of these. Other then the Eddieline Sea Kayak on our Janauary 2008 Everglades trip, we noticed for a sit-on-top the Hobies were flying. My Cobra was fine, but he has an Ocean Prowler and it was paddling a barge.

Any thoughts to this kayak and others. We want sit-on-tops, but they need to have good storage, kegs or rudder system and balance.


Would suspect that its the engine
not the boat that made the Quest look fast on the water. The Quest is a nice sit on top, well made, and with nifty little things like the storage compartments. But, its not known as any kind of speed demon. It paddles decently, but no better than most other SOT’s the same length and width. Its a nice fishing kayak, but you may also want to look at and paddle a few others too.