Hoffmeister Kayak Trolley

I dont understand Community Webshots so this may take you directly to the Trolley:


After over 20 years of paddling and many kayak carriers, including mid-ship and stern, I can fully recommend this trolley for these reasons-

compact and ‘hatchable’

salt water savy

extremely stout and easily capable of trolleying a fully loaded kayak

3 parts–the Trolley and 2 wheels

the Trolley snap’s together using shock cord

NO parts to loose, even the pin that keeps the

tires in place is shock corded

weight distribution is keen and realized by the

the two side runners but also webbing under the

hull in two places

this is the trolley Hoffmeister uses–should be enough said right there…

Ordered from F.Hoffmeister in Germany, ground shipping was just under 4 weeks…package recieved was all to HE** but the contents were untainted and probably would be if they had drug the unit across the planet on dogsled–that stout!

How Much &
What’s the Hoffmeister contact information?

Nice boat, by the way, like the balance brace photo.


Thanks Chris,
did you find this link?


I had seen a picture somewhere (I think when she was paddling around Newfoundland) and she used this trolley when moving the boat around—while on the trip, not just from the car to the water–so I knew she was using it with a fully loaded kayak.

I e-mailed her, and was patient, she is busy. Then used PayPal to send her the money. I chose the slow boat from China for shipping.

In the photo you see wheels and the stuff sack. The trolley is in the stuff sack…she keeps the stuff sack between her legs on the hull and i suspect strapped down…that is good in most of my boats but not the Nordkapp since it has the pump recieving tube running on the hull to under the seat…it would fit inside most hatches anyway. She also keeps the wheels strapped inside her cockpit up against the forward (foot) bulkhead…again in some of my boats that area is foamed from top to bottom and side to side so I would put them into a hatch…

I didnt brag bout the wheels enough…big and wide…and have inflator valves…so if really pushed for room you could deflate and re-inflate when needed with a small bicycle pump that could fit anywhere…

Rant done.