Hogging Old Town Discovery Sport Canoe

Hey. I was wondering if the is any solution to fix a 3 layer poly Old Town flatback that is starting to hog in the middle of the boat underneath the seat. The bend isnt too severe yet but is noticeable when looking down the keel. I have sent an email to Old Town about the issue but was interested in hearing any advice in the meantime. Thanks!

I actually have a heavy FG layup, round
bottomed canoe that would pooch upward, when new. I put in vertical supports, struts, between the thwarts and the longitudinal stiffening strip in the bottom.

You might be able to get some minicell, splice it up to 4" slabs, and stuff it between the seat and the bottom.

If the foam would get in the way of kneeling, maybe thwarts, far enough from the seat to not be in the way of your legs, could carry foam bottom support.

I’ve done this on several canoes, even when they hadn’t yet shown a tendency to oil can or hog. The foam adds flotation and helps protect the hull from getting munched in a whitewater accident.

Lots of details, but that’s the basic approach.