Holding court, blowing off work

I cannot align my head with work this afternoon. I have tried. And tried. My productivity took a dive when my Lotus Notes access went down and the corporate I.T. folks took all morning to find the bug.

But I seem to have an opinion or hypothesis on darn near everything this afternoon that is P-Net related.

I’m open for business and the lines are open!


(give me a minute - gotta go to the head)

Best day boat (sea kayak)?

The one you own
Next Q?

I’m leaving for the day!


Wait ! please!
My sex life seems to suffer each time I buy a boat. Could it be because I’m gone for several weekends after each new boat arrives? For some reason , grandmothers don’t think sex in a canoe is a good idea. What can I do to get back in her good graces, and still buy boats and be gone a lot?

Buy two

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and put her in one and take her with you....

Perhaps after she gets to spend the day paddling in the wide open, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, breathing fresh air and purging the the bad karma of her everyday life outa her system.... who knows, you just might get....... well.............lucky! :-)))

And If you don't.....
you still have TWO boats. :)