Hole in Kayak

First off, I’m new to the forum so hello to everyone. I’ve been paddling for a few years now, but have always rented or used a friends kayak/canoe. I was just given a Pelican Phantom kayak for free from a co-worker. The only problem is that it’s got about a 3" hole chewed through it on the top-side of the stern. I am looking for any ideas you experienced folks may have for me to patch it up, thank you in advance!

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Do I see fibers embedded in the plastic?
If so, then a “fiberglass” patch might be possible, using West G-flex for good adhesion.

Or, if you can get a sheet of Kydex or a similar material that softens with oven heating, you may be able to pre-shape a patch from the material, one that sits flush over the borders of the hole. Then you could use G-flex to bond the patch to the hull. I recall someone posting an alternative kind of canoe skid plate, a black plastic that is shaped with heat. If someone posts that link, you might be able to get some of their material.

Finally, if you can catch the Tasmanian Devil that chewed that hole, you can skin him and glue his hide over the gap.

Hull Material
I forgot to mention, the hull material is Ram-X if that helps at all.

If you don’t care how it looks
they now have a two part epoxy out that is just made for plastic.

Cut out a patch from a piece of plastic, and hold it in place with some stainless screws. then use the epoxy to seal everything and hold it two the hull.

Roughen the plastic and the epoxy will bond better.



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Inquiring minds want to know what made that hole?
The plastic looks like two thin solid layers with foam in between. Is the boat very squishy, did it sit out in the sun, did they lash something down on the stern while driving and it poked a hole through the stern?

You could get two polyethylene plates from a plastic supplier and rivet them over the hole, one on the outside and one on the inside and then use a ptex wand and weld the outside of the plates. Probably not worth the effort. Too bad it's in a curved section, you could make the hole bigger and put in a cheap hatch. (Or is that what they were trying to do?)

Personally I would leave it out on the curb with a sign on it "Gratis"

Quick and dirty…
Gorilla tape it and try it out. If you really like it then work on a nice fix.

Good luck, GH

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