hole in plastic kayak

Hi- does anyone know how to repair a good sized hole in a plastic kayak? someone near here is advertizing a 2 person SOT for cheap, not that we need another kayak but I hate to pass up a good deal. of course if the thing won’t stay afloat it’s not such a good deal afterall… the hole is about 3" and looks like a couple of cracks out from there too.

don’t go there
a couple cracks too? YIKES.

plastic has a lifespan and this one sounds like it’s OVER!


A hole in one? Not bad. But radiating
cracks do suggest that the plastic is aged. Holes can be fixed by plastic welding. Cracks can too, but more cracking may be likely.

You can repair …

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We've repaired several kayaks with sizable holes and cracks. Holes are actually better to repair then cracks.

If the kayak can take a hatch, then put one in and use the plastic for the repair.

Use a heat gun. We purchased ours from Harbor Freight (love that store). Use a metal putty knife and cut the plastic to fit a bit larger then the hole and work the heat gun over the plastic to reshape it into the kayak. You have to be careful using the heat gun, not to overheat the plastic. We work on it a bit, let it cool down and then go back and work on it some more.

Once you think you've got a good repair, you can you a wet sand block to try and get a smooth finish.

Again, it can be done - if you are patient.

Also, sometimes the companies will send you plastic to repair. Both Cobra Kayak and Hobie have done this for us.

We've repaired 5 different kayaks and all of them have done well. Only one with a good size crack from someone stepping on the seat gave us some trouble, but we finally got it fixed after a second attempt and a large piece of plastic from the company.

Oh, and no we are not in the repair kayak business :-) This was just for "really" good friends.

I'd consider it a fun project if you are into that.

Good Deal?
only if it is free and then it is doubtful as to how good it is :slight_smile:

beccka, I admire your pluck. Way to
get some things for next to nothing.

it may be a good deal
but not sure how much work I feel like doing. they’re asking $135 for it

you would need to determine …

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..... what type of "plastic' the boat is made of first . The eye can not really tell , should contact the mfg. w/serial # to make that determination .

Is it linear or crosslink poly ??

linear polyethylene can be welded , (but crosslink polyethylene can not , at least reasonably)

read the small file before decision to purchase that boat , http://wildernesssystems.com/files/Polyethylene_Repair_Guide.pdf

and as others have said , if the plastic has become "brittle" due to UV , it will crack again , and again , and again , but having a cracked hull does not mean it has become brittle nessasarily .

So , where is the hole , what appears …
… to have caused it ??

An “accident” or impact type damage ?? … a “tool” for a compass or some sort of flush mount attachment ??

What maker and model SOT is it ?? … what’s a new comparable worth ?? … what kind of condition is the rest of it in ??

Can you offer the seller half the asking price and take it off his/her hands ??

I wouldn’t
even give $35 for a plastic boat with a hole AND cracks.

Bottom line…
If it’s yours and it’s broke, give fixing a try…

If it ain’t yours … keep it that way…

my first response.

don’t go there.


How do you get rid of a boat that is considered garbage? Take it back to a shop so they can practice repairs or use it for patches? It would be nice to recycle it somehow. Or do you just cut it in half and put both sides point up on eather side of your driveway.