Holes in floor of fiberglass canoe

I picked up this old Sears fiberglass canoe as something for my Nephews to join us out on the water a couple times a year. Yes I know it looks rough.

The guy I bought it from said it doesn’t leak but I haven’t put in the water yet. I see all these holes in the same place on the floor and just wondering if they are supposed to be there. If there were just a couple I would think it is something that needs to be repaired but since they are all in the same spot it makes me think they are supposed to be there. And theyre only on one side.

Thanks and sorry in advance for such a newb question. I’m really new to paddling and owning a canoe in general.

Those are limber holes - so any water in the canoe can drain freely to the lowest point. If you do ever decide to repaint or repair the inside of the canoe, be sure to keep those clear.

Glad I asked. And is it normal for them to just be one side?

That is a bit odd - I realized what you were saying after I typed my answer. They could just be to prevent water from collecting in the ribs, which could cause major damage if allowed to freeze. But either way the canoe was built with them.

Ok. Thank you so much!